“We get things done as quickly as possible, saving our clients money...”

Why You Need A Lawyer

Why You Need a Family Lawyer in Ontario

Lawyers are expensive. There’s no way around that.

But not having a lawyer help you with your family law issues can often lead people to spend more time trying to come to a resolution. In some cases, not knowing your rights or not having a lawyer help you can result in a financially unfair result or, worse, the wrong outcome for your children.

I always put my clients’ needs ahead of mine. That means that:

  • I provide free initial consultations.
  • I don’t “value bill” (i.e. tack on extra fees just because I get a good result for you).
  • I don’t nickel and dime my clients with extra charges for printing, scanning, faxing, long distance, parking, or “mileage”.
  • I get things done as quickly as possible, saving my clients money.
  • I tell my clients honestly when settling will cost them less than paying me to fight.
  • For clients without children who want a simple uncontested divorce, I provide a flat rate of $900 (that does not include court fees, agents fees, and taxes, though).

If this information doesn't answer your question, you can book a free, no obligation consultation in Toronto about your divorce and family law rights in Ontario and BC. Contact me today.