Family Law Information

Family Law Information

On these pages, you will find information related to family law in Ontario and BC.

The information in these pages is meant to be just that, though: information, not legal advice.

What’s the difference between information and advice?

Legal information is generally a description of what people can and can’t do. (Or maybe what they must or must not do.) Legal advice is someone’s opinion about what someone else should or shouldn’t do.

To give you legal advice, I would need to know your situation and I don’t know that (obviously).

Think of it like this: I can tell you something like, “Generally, if you have a child, and she lives with her father 80% of the time, you must pay child support to her father, at the rate listed in the Child Support Guidelines.” That’s an easy bit of information to give, and one of the most black and white issues in family law.

But you might be one of the very rare people who has some amazing story of hardship that would allow you to reduce your child support payments. If I knew your full story, I might advise you to ask for a reduction in your child support based on a hardship claim.

(Before you get excited, trust me, a hardship claim that allows you to reduce your child support is very rare. Talk to a lawyer if you want to know if you might have such a claim.)

The moral of this story is: don’t make any life-changing decisions based on the information you read in these pages. Talk to a lawyer first so he or she can assess your situation and give you advice.

If you have a question and don’t see the answer on this site, feel free to ask (but remember, I can only give information, not legal advice to people who aren’t my clients). And remember, I provide free initial consultation.

If the information on this site doesn't answer your question, you can book a free, no obligation consultation in Toronto about your divorce and family law rights in Ontario and BC. We provide video and telephone consultations.