Finding A Lawyer

Find a Family Lawyer in Ontario and BC

Whether you’re in Ontario or BC, married or “living common law”, it’s always a good idea to get information from a lawyer who practices family law when you separate and especially before you sign any agreement. The names of a few of the many good lawyers in Ontario and BC and some referral services are below.

Even though Smith Family Law offers free consultations, we can’t promise that the other lawyers on this page do.

Why would we refer people to other lawyers? For one thing, we often have more work than we can handle. For another, not every lawyer is the right fit for every client. For a third, if people have good lawyers, it’s easier for everyone who works in family law so we want people to have good lawyers.

In no particular order, here are a few lawyers that we have met or worked with that are good family law lawyers in Ontario:

If they (and we) are unavailable, you can get a free consultation from a family law lawyer in Ontario by using the Law Society of Ontario Lawyer Referral Service. We can’t predict what lawyer you will be referred to if you use that service though.

For people in BC, you would be well served by: 

If you prefer not to use one of those lawyers, Access Pro Bono operates a Lawyer Referral Service. We cannot predict what lawyer they will refer you to either.

If the information on this site doesn't answer your question, you can book a free, no obligation consultation in Toronto about your divorce and family law rights in Ontario and BC. We provide video and telephone consultations.